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"Life has different meanings for different people and they all live according to their thinking and understanding of life."

A beggar live life every day in thinking that pls god provide me food today and a rich businessman thinks pls god pass this tender today.Both are selfish and living for their needs but one is useless for world and one is feeding his tousands of employees.Similarly a child is innocent and pure he thinks world is a place where your behaviour towards another automatically decide his behaviour towards yourself,but is it reality.I don't think so  because if that is the case there would never be jealousy,hatred or any bad feeling in world but they are there.Similarly one person lives in present ,one in past and one in future.Every person has same mind but it is the hardwork and sincerity that counts in life.One person thinks that oh god i failed in exam and he don't think to pass next time insted waste all his time in past without caring for future.Another person thinks ok no more failures.......let me give my 100% and then see who can fail me.There is another person who thinks ok...my next goal is to top the class and becomes happy merely thinking about that,he forgets to work hard and  live in false world.So god has given all three equal mind,talent but who do you think will succed in life.Every person has to find his talents and work accordingly.Take an example of Bill Gates he thought i will make such a system that every one will follow it and he succeded.And all other are happy in using that system only without thinking that we can also design or make people follow us.A glass is half filled with water there are two ways of looking at that,one is positve and other is negative.So to achieve anything set your priorities,mindset and work hard in achieving it without wasting a second.

Thank you for reading this article.

Himanshu Kadian.

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